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Goober talks about job interview of ex-Michigan grid player

Published 2:01am Thursday, October 31, 2013

Welp, here we are at the end of another football season already. It’s been an eventful year and it sure would be nice to git some teams in the postseason.

Ennywho, three of my neighbors applied fer the same detective job this past week and told me about their interviews. One of my friends was Jewish, one was Italian, and the other was a former Michigan football player.

The chief detective called them in one at a time and asked each one the same question to hear their response.

The Jewish man went in and the chief asked, “Who killed Jesus Christ?”

The Jewish man answered without hesitation, “The Romans killed him.”

The chief thanked him and called in the Italian man next.

“Who killed Jesus Christ?” the chief as the Italian man.

“Jesus was killed by Herod’s soldiers,” said the Italian man.

Again the chief thanked the man and called for the former Michigan player.

“Who killed Jesus Christ?” the chief asked the ex-Wolverine.

The former Michigan player thought for a few minutes and then asked, “Could I have some time to think about it?”

The chief said, “OK, but get back to me tomorrow.”

The ex-Michigan player went home and his wife asked him, “How did the interview go?”

The ex-Michigan player answered, “Great! I got the job. In fact, I’m already investigating a murder case.”

I wonder what he thinks about the “Touchdown Jesus” mural on the front of Notre Dame’s library?

Ennywho, last week I wuz 16-3 to bring the season record to 133-40 fer a .769 percentage. Let’s see if we kin finish strong.

Ironton at Raceland: This is a power vs. spread game. I always liked power to the people. Upset special. Ironton 28, Raceland 26.

Coal Grove at South Point: It’s always nice to have something to play fer in that final game. It ain’t first place, but it will be fer second place and it’ll be a humdinger. Coal Grove 34, South Point 30.

Rock Hill at Chesapeake: These are two gritty teams fightin’ through some tough times and it will show when they collide. Rock Hill 24, Chesapeake 21.

River Valley at Fairland: The Dragons has two goals: Win the game and don’t git anyone hurt. The first one shouldn’t be a problem. Fairland 44, River Valley 7.

Symmes Valley at Buffalo: The Bisons are still searching fer their first win. They ain’t gonna find it against the Vikings. Symmes Valley 36, Buffalo 14.

Green at Oak Hill: The Oaks rebound from last week’s tough loss and head into the playoffs on a positive note. Oak Hill 32, Green 12.

OTHERS: Wheelersburg over Portsmouth West; Lucasville Valley over Minford; Chillicothe over Portsmouth; Waverly over Northwest; Portsmouth Notre Dame over Sciotoville East; Pikeville over Russell; Bishop Ready over Bishop Hartley; Gallipolis over Jackson; Logan over Warren; St. Charles over Marion Harding; Athens over Nelsonville-York; Amanda-Clearcreek over Circleville.

Gridiron Goober is a self-proclaimed high school football expert who shares his vast knowledge and picks each week, all while offering a humorous take on the world of sports.

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