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Price of Black Friday deals too high

Published 10:26am Thursday, November 14, 2013

If you haven’t noticed lately, retailers are hurting. Desparate to get into our pockets and transfer our money to theirs, they are now in a mad rush to be the first to open on Thanksgiving, as if just a few more hours of business will make the difference between “black” and “red.”

Restaurants are putting down their stake on the morning hours, claiming to be offering another option for that end of the day.

I love options, and I certainly love the deals that stiff competition brings to us this time of year.

However, I draw the line at encroaching on my neighbors’ holiday by requiring them to give up their holiday to be at their workplace.

This isn’t about hospitals or other public service needs. I’ve worked in radio before and understand that some things have to have some staffing every day.

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, developed what we now call the “Three Simple Rules,” the first of which is do no harm.

In any decision in life, no matter how good the deal may be for me, the price is too high if it inflicts harm on others. For me, employers are doing harm to many employees and their families when they take them away from their family Thanksgiving gatherings.

I would have absolutely no objection to them doing so if they were staffing the stores on a volunteer basis. Knowing how many people is needed to keep these restaurants and stores open, it just isn’t possible to do so on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ohio Representative Mike Foley recently took a stand on this issue and is introducing a bill in Ohio that would require stores open on Thanksgiving to pay three times the usual rate to employees.

While he recognizes it has little chance of going anywhere, I appreciate the statement he makes.

I don’t presume to be able to turn back the tide, but if enough consumers make a statement with their dollars, we will be heard. In the economy, our most powerful vote is where and when we do and don’t spend our dollars.

So, my advice is to enjoy the holiday with your family, count the numerous blessings we all have, watch football and Charlie Brown. Shop at home and prepare for Black Friday.

For me, the price for even the best “early bird” deal at the store is too high.


Charles Case


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  • bleedingheart

    The stores will only open if there are people there to shop. If you do not agree with the stores’ policies, do not shop there. If enough people stand by their professed beliefs, then Thanksgiving sales will not continue. See you in Ironton for Small Business Saturday.

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