Police Report — 11/19/13

Published 2:52pm Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jail log

— Freddie Adkins, 21, of 143 County Road 123, Chesapeake, warrants for arrest Nov. 17 by the Lawrence County Municipal Court.

— Shayann Dodson, 23, of 322 Ridgeway St., Coal Grove, warrants for arrest Nov. 17 by Coal Grove Mayor’s Court.

— Charles Bartram Jr., 22, of 8027 State Route 522, Pedro, warrants for arrest Nov. 18 by Ironton Municipal Court.

— James Gothard, 34, of 121 County Road 49, Pedro, warrants for arrest Nov. 18 by the Hanging Rock Police Department.

— Gregory McNeely, 42, of 519 County Road 56, of South Point, commitment Nov. 18 by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

— Irene Abbott-Mannon, 30, of 117 Buffington St., Huntington, W.Va., warrants for arrest Nov. 15 by the South Point Police Department.

— Willie Abbott, 28, of 1043 Township Road 172 S., Proctorville, commitment Nov. 13 by the common pleas court.

— Brent Patrick, 25, of 622 Lane St., Coal Grove, failure to comply with order or signal of police officer, eluding or fleeing, possession of marijuana Nov. 17 by the Coal Grove Mayor’s Court.

— Julie Pritchard, 37, of 2525 S. 11th St., Ironton, warrants for arrest Nov. 16 by Coal Grove Mayor’s Court.


Sheriff’s reports

Burglary — Private drive in Proctorville, Nov. 9, man reported 14-year-old son said a stranger broke into their home when he was home alone; dog chased unknown suspect into woods.

Criminal trespass — Township Road 1377, South Point, Nov. 16, Norfolk and Southern Railroad engineer alleged a man on a four-wheeler on the tracks; engineer alleged the man tried to remove the four-wheeler but couldn’t; train struck four-wheeler, throwing it off the tracks and suspect ran; suspect later alleged he was pulling a tree for firewood; Kenneth McMillian, 41, of 137 Township Road 1377, South Point, cited to court.

Burglary — Private drive off State Route 93, Nov. 18, tools taken from home.

Assault — Township Road 134, Willow Wood, Nov. 16, man alleged person trespassing on his father’s property tried to push him off his six-wheeler.

Petty theft — 300 block Township Road 1161, Proctorville, Nov. 16, hunting bow taken from truck.

Breaking and entering — 100 block Township Road 510 North, South Point, outbuilding broken into, nothing taken.

Petty theft — 400 block Township Road 1233, Proctorville, Nov. 16, hand gun taken from residence.

Burglary — 1100 block County Road 1, South Point, Nov. 17, 60-inch flat screen TV taken from residence.


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