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Truth of Obamacare is ignored

Published 10:29am Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This man (Jim Crawford) lives in a dream world, not the real world.

Obamacare is a disaster for the working man who has to buy insurance, as Obama says. Period. As for Obama’s trying to fix his lie in the first place, how can you expect the insurance companies to re-instate their cancelled policies in 31 days when he has had more than three years to get the website up and running for Obamacare?

This will be his excuse when he blames the insurance companies for not providing coverage to those cancelled because of him. He never takes the blame for anything. Period.

As for Jim’s assessment of the deficit, yes it may be falling faster than anytime in the history of our country, but the reason is Obama and the Democrats haven’t had a budget since he took office, and the debt went up so much more than any president in the history of all presidents.

It is still going up at over a trillion dollars a year under Obama, and he will have the distinction of raising the national debt more than all presidents combined. It’s funny how Jim could talk about 2008, as I recall, that the auto sales have increased, however, wasn’t that under George W. Bush?

Inflation is low because of the money that Obama is having printed because he has no budget approved by Harry Reed and the Democrats not approving one.

Yes the economy is improving because the people are like the government — Charge, charge charge. Just wait until this house of cards falls down.

As for “woman’s rights” that you tout and for gay marriage being excepted in many states and by Congress, one day you all will stand before and Almighty God, then you can tell him his words were wrong.

Read Jeremiah Chapter 1 verse 5 then tell me just who formed that baby in the womb. You can also read Leviticus Chapter 18 verse 22 and Romans Chapter 1 verses 25 to 28, then you can tell God he is wrong.

As for the rest of the half-truths you spout, you to will get your eyes opened too the truth. I hope it isn’t too late, but I think our country by the November election will have had enough of the lies put out by our president, and never taking the blame for anything.

Just pass the buck and promote the wrong-doers to a higher paying job.

Please wash your eyes so you can see the truth.


Homer Campbell


  • bklibrary

    Funny thing Homer your description of the working man I am afraid to ask! Your hatred for Obama is obvious and I have read your columns for several years and for a Preacher you sure contradict yourself and sure are lost for finding the truth. I hope sometime you take the time to get evaluated. It might help with your frustrations I hear the Affordable Care Act has an appropriate way of helping you!

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