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Shopping local benefits all

Published 12:00am Sunday, December 1, 2013

As Christmas shopping moves into full swing, so many options exist for us to consider. Whether it is going to the mall, the large retailer or staying home and shopping online; a facet that is vital is local businesses.

Although “Small Business Saturday” has passed, local businesses across the county have shelves stocked and ready for customers to make purchases. Regardless if they are a new business or have been around for 100 years, each offers something that is probably on your Christmas list.

Supporting these businesses is critical, especially in the country’s current economic climate. Although the focus is on holiday shopping, this needs to be a year-round concept.

With the establishments in the county today along with the development of new businesses, the county can continue to grow and move toward the future.

Another factor that is important in the small business concept is the residents who are employed by the businesses. Without the support to these local businesses, many could be forced to find work outside the county.

Shopping locally can have a positive impact on the local governments and economy because of the increase in taxes payable to the localities and county. These collections are more essential now than ever with the continual reduction in funding received from the federal and state levels that we face seemingly each year.

So while the urge to shop outside of the area or online is enticing, take the time to visit a local store or shop and show your support for these local businesses. Owners of these companies will be encouraged by the support you show them.

Communities need to get out and show your support to these local businesses. Doing so might provide the spark needed to stay in business, increase their workforce or open a new or additional location.

As we make plans for shopping, please do not think that simply visiting these local businesses will not have a major impact on the tangible and intangible aspects.

We have seen too many businesses close or move over the last several years. This is a troubling trend and if we want our communities across the county to prosper; these local businesses will be key.


Josh Morrison is the general manager at The Tribune. To reach him, call 740-532-1441 ext. 16 or by email at

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