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Eddy candidates gear up to take test

Published 12:00am Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Child Welfare Club’s annual Eddy Test will be held in the latter part of February at the Ironton Middle School.

This year, 36 sixth-graders from Ironton and St. Lawrence Catholic schools qualified to take the test.

To qualify, students must score in the top 25 percent of the fifth grade based on state or national testing norms.

Students who school in the top one third of all Eddy participants will receive an Eddy Award and will be honored with their parents at the Child Welfare Club’s scholastic banquet on May 8.

Those who qualified from St. Lawrence are:

Jon Cade, son of Doug and Ruth Cade; Faith Mahlmeister, daughter of Michal and Monica Mahlmeister; Izsak Unger, son of Joe and Karen Unger; and Elli Williams, daughter of Jeremey and Darci Williams.

Those who qualified from Ironton Middle School are:

Lexi Arnett, daughter of Tiffany Stamper; Jessica Arthur, daughter of Danny and Tina Arthur; Nicholas Ashley, son of Christopher and Lisa Ashley; Ethan Bennett, son of Melissa Bennett and Frank Aldridge; Briley Bond, daughter of Deborah and John Allen and Shane Bond; Josiah Burriss, son of Napoleon and Sandra Burris; Mary Beth Burton, daughter of Mark and Sherri Burton; Greg Cochran Jr., son of Greg Cochran; Colin Conley, son of Chuck and Teresa Conley; Graci Davis, daughter of Todd and Christi Davis; Malea Delawder, daughter of Amanda Maynard and Andy Delawder; Hunter Eaches, son of Jeff and Lisa Eaches; Elizabeth Gillespie, daughter of Alex and Lydia Gillespie; Taiya Hamlet, daughter of Bryn and Alicia Hamlet; Faith Hughes, daughter of Linda Hughes; Holden Kelley, son of Chris and Iris Kelley; Trinity Littleton, daughter of Ben and Beth Littleton; Rylee McDonald, daughter of Laura McDonald; M’Kenzie McMaster, daughter of Rick and Christie McMaster; Brooklynn Neal Moore, daughter of Toni Neal and James Moore; Bryce Munion, son of George and Carrie Munion; Macy Perry, daughter of Allen and Amy Perry; Logan Price, son of Shayne and Jackie Price; Jacob Reed, son of Amber Manning and Larry Reed Jr.; Peighton Rowe, son daughter of Joe and Krissy Rowe; Nolan Schreck, son of Toben and Melissa Schreck; Riley Schreck, daughter of Toben and Melissa Schreck; Destiny Schultz, daughter of Angel Jenkins and Lester Schultz; Georgia Slagel, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Slagel; Savannah Snead, daughter of Amy Dillon; and Callie Thacker, daughter of Steven and Jana Thacker.

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