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Fundraisers, mission work get praise

Published 11:06am Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So many good things are happening around Lawrence County. Here are a few of the highlights from last week for our Good Day Tuesday spotlight:

• Dawson-Bryant junior Samantha Robinson has written a play about the dangers of bullying, which will be performed at the school on Feb. 28. Since the school does not have a drama department, Robinson and other students and teachers involved in the play raised money for the props and supplies and proceeds will go to the school’s prom committee.

• Laura and Ron Kettle, of Ironton, are raising funds for the cost of a trip to Romania to visit their daughter, Stephanie, who is currently on an 11-month mission trip around the world. The Kettles will assist their daughter in her mission work while abroad.

• The Getaway Community Church is organizing a spaghetti dinner on March 1 to help raise money for Brenda Webb, a member of the church who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

•The Lawrence County Board of Developmental Disabilities has a new 140-page cookbook for sale to raise money for the booster club’s various projects, including support for the Open Door School’s Santa Shop that allows each child at the school to get five free Christmas gifts for family and friends.

• Residents at Jo-Lin Health Center were treated to dinner and dessert by the staff at its first-ever Red Hat Ladies and Men’s Club Candlelight Dinner.

• Ironton High School senior Mia Wilson concluded her efforts to collect donated jeans to be given to “Teens for Jeans.” Benefiting homeless people, Teens for Jeans is a national program and statistics show one in three homeless teens are under the age of 18 and jeans are one of their most requested items.

If you know of people helping out in a positive way in the county, please let us know. Submissions can be emailed to

Help us shine a light on all the good things happening in our area.



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  • mickakers

    Tribune Editorial Staff; As a PS: My intention is not to downgrade the importance of an editorial but to emphasize the primacy of the news.

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  • mickakers

    Tribune Editorial Staff; An uplifting article. Thank you. You are a step or two ahead of the general news media which prefers to concentrate on the downgrading aspects of society, not only in the presentation of the news but also in editorializing. The News Media’s primary responsibility is presenting the NEWS not editorializing, as Detective Sergeant Joe Friday said “just the facts ma’am”. Fox News is a prime example of this infantile approach to journalism. My compliments, Tribune, for presenting the facts.

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