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Stand Your Ground bill invites viloence

Published 10:46am Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Community leaders in Columbus recently urged state senators and Gov. John Kasich to reject a dangerous, unnecessary bill that would exponentially expand the circumstances in which a person has no duty to retreat before using lethal force.

They were joined by Lucia McBath, whose unarmed son Jordan Davis, 17, was shot and killed at a Florida gas station after a dispute over loud music.

House Bill 203, Ohio’s version of “stand your ground” legislation, has cleared the House. Now before the Ohio Senate, this bill should not reach Mr. Kasich’s desk.

The measure would almost surely encourage gun violence — something Ohio and its cities don’t need — and lead to more needless deaths. Nor would the bill strengthen legitimate rights to self-defense.

Ohio law already states that people need not retreat in their residence or vehicle, or the vehicle of an immediate family member.

Those provisions are ample, including areas of personal domain to which U.S. legal tradition and the “castle doctrine” have extended special protections. Among other things, the House bill would extend immunities to anywhere a person has a legal right to be — an invitation to violence and vigilantism….

Existing laws protect the personal space that society generally considers inviolable. Extending those protections to virtually anywhere just invites violence.


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  • mickakers

    keta; I took pleasure and found amusement in your comment in regard to the “swamps of Florida” and “redneck embarrassment”. A good number of permanent residents of Florida are from the Northern states, in particular, New York, New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and I could go on and include all of the Northern states not to mention the Snow Birds who visit us during the Winter season. I concur, stand Your Ground bill invites violence.

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  • keta

    The Stand Your Ground law may be accepted in the swamps of Florida, but too many Ohians would consider it a redneck embarrassment. And they’d be right.

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  • mikehaney

    Bill not necessary.

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    the viloence won’t happen most of the time, if the criminals know the people might stand and fight, and not retreat or just surrender too their viloence. It’s high time something is being done too protect the people from scum that does these things.

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  • Ozzy

    I hope this bill passes. Criminals have to many rights now. Law abiding citizens should not have to worry if they are justified in protecting themselves. We need to demand that our legislators pass laws that protect people from criminals and not give criminals avenues that circumvent the rules of society.

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