Police Report 3/31/14

Published 9:30am Monday, March 31, 2014

Petty theft — Walmart, South Point, March 26, woman allegedly tried to leave store without paying for items; Amy Brotherton, 36, of 1145 Ninth Ave., Huntington, W.Va., arrested.

Petty theft, resisting arrest, assault, vandalism — Walmart, South Point, March 27, woman allegedly tried to leave store without paying for items and resisted being detained by loss prevention officer; woman’s stepdaughter allegedly attacked loss prevention agent; during the struggle store’s security system was damaged; Chanteau Lilly, 40, and Jasmine Martin, 18, both of 59 West Private Drive 2564 Apt. B, South Point, arrested.

Criminal trespass — Walmart, South Point, March 27, man banned from store found on premises; Harley McCaleb, 18, of 402 1/2 Sixth St., Huntington, W.Va., arrested.

Felonious assault — 900 block State Route 218, Scottown, March 23, man alleged four named suspects beat him with pipes, bats and brass knuckles; victim taken to hospital; negative contact with suspects at time of the report.

Burglary — 200 block Township Road 98, South Point, March 18, TVs, Xbox and games, jewelry, guns taken from residence.

Burglary — 700 block County Road 61, Kitts Hill, March 19, jewelry, watches, coins, camera taken from residence.

Breaking and entering, criminal damaging, theft — 50 block Township Road 1039, Chesapeake, March 20, copper wire taken from electrical box at Traveler’s Motel.

Burglary — 600 block County Road 1A, Ironton, March 21, copper wire taken from residence.

Breaking and entering — 2600 block County Road 51, Pedro, March 21, storage building broken into, fishing poles taken.

Theft of motor vehicle — Private drive in Proctorville, March 21, Volvo taken from residence; owner advised the keys were in the vehicle.

Assault, menacing — 1000 block Township Road 138, Ironton, March 21, man alleged another man assaulted his neighbor and threatened to kill him (the witness); negative contact with suspect.

Breaking and entering — 1500 block County Road 23, Ironton, March 23, electrical wire taken from storage building.

Theft — 8300 Block State Route 243, South Point, March 26, gun and cell phone reported stolen.

Breaking and entering — 1000 block Township Road 97, Willow Wood, March 27, various saws taken from out building.




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