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All-OVC Winter Sports

Published 1:51am Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ohio Valley Conference

2014 All-OVC Team

Boys’ Basketball

First Team

Player (school) Pos. Ht. Gr.

Brandon Barnes, South Point C 6-02 Sr.

Eli Ketron, South Point F 6-05 Sr.

John Johnson, South Point PG 5-10 Jr.

Conor Markins, Coal Grove F 6-02 Sr.

D.J. Miller, Coal Grove G 6-00 Sr.

Evan Maddox, Fairland G 5-10 Sr.

Nathan Campbell, Fairland G 5-08 Jr.

Gage Rhoades, Chesapeake G 5-09 So.

Caleb Heffner, Chesapeake F 6-03 Sr.

Austin Collins, Rock Hill G 6-03 Jr.

Tyler Twyman, River Valley G 5-10 So.

Coach of the Year: Chris Barnes, South Point

Honorable Mention

Player (school) Pos. Ht. Gr.

Brandon Boggs, South Point C 6-02 Sr.

Brandon Adkins, Coal Grove G 6-02 Jr.

Luke Phillips, Fairland G-F 6-00 Sr.

Andrew Saunders, Chesapeake C-F 6-05 Sr.

Joey Stidham, Rock Hill G 6-00 Sr.

John Qualls, River Valley G 5-10 Jr.


Girls’ Basketball

First Team

Player (school) Pos. Ht. Gr.

Terra Stapleton, Fairland C 6-04 Sr.

Taylor Perry, Fairland G 5-6 So.

Mackenzie Riley, Fairland F 5-11 Jr.

Brett Justice, South Point C 6-00 Sr.

Abbey Winkler, South Point G 5-06 Jr.

Sydnee Hall, Chesapeake G 5-04 Jr.

Kaylee Curry, Chesapeake F 5-08 So.

Jacy Jones, Coal Grove G 5-06 Jr.

Morgan Sites, Coal Grove G-F 5-06 Sr.

Kasey Russell, Rock Hill G 5-04 So.

Leia Moore, River Valley NA

Cheslea Copley, River Valley NA

Coach of the Year: Jon Buchanan, Fairland


Honorable Mention

Player (school) Pos. Ht. Gr.

Chandler Fulks, Fairland G 5-06 Sr.

Aundrea Bradburn, South Point F 5-08 Sr.

Atiya Spaulding, Chesapeake F 6-00 So.

Leah Crum, Coal Grove G 5-06 Sr.

Madison Damron, Rock Hill G 5-03 Jr.

Rachael Smith, River Valley NA


All-OVC Wrestling

Wrestler (school) Wt. Class

Logan McCloud, Chesapeake 106

Jacob Kemper, River Valley 113

Trevor Christian, Fairland 120

Austin Earles, Fairland 126

Jeremy Webb, Chesapeake 132

Brandon Cornell, River Valley 138

Joey Hayes, Chesapeake 145

Darren Bishop, Fairland 152

Rondal Cornell, River Valley 160

Grant Gilmore, River Valley 170

Clayton Edmonds, Fairland 182

Brett Brewer, Fairland 195

Jaycob Kitchen, Chesapeake 220


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