Police Report—4/18/14

Published 10:10am Friday, April 18, 2014

Sheriff’s office

Domestic violence, criminal damaging — 700 block County Road 26, Ironton, April 16, man alleged his son tried to kick him and dented his truck; juvenile taken to group home.

Domestic violence — 1900 block State Route 775, Proctorville, April 5, woman alleged daughter kicked and punched her; juvenile taken to group home.

Criminal trespass, petty theft — Walmart, South Point, April 5, woman allegedly banned from store tried to take items without paying; Brandi Traylor, 31, of 12 Private Drive 293, Chesapeake, arrested.

Attempted escape, criminal damaging — St. Mary’s Medical Center, Ironton, April 5, jail inmate transported to hospital for self-inflicted head injury allegedly tried to pick handcuff lock with tongue ring; Clint Salmons, 22, of 1693 County Road 104, Chesapeake, charged.

Petty theft — Walmart, South Point, April 6, man and woman allegedly tried to take items without paying; Nikki Robinson, 26, of 152 Roanoke Circle, Wayne, W.Va., and Ronald Corns, 27, of 2421 Spring Valley Drive, Huntington, W.Va., cited to court.

Aggravated menacing, illegal conveyance of weapons — South Point High School, April 7, student reported another student allegedly pulled a knife on her while on the school bus; juvenile taken to detention center.

Domestic violence — 20 block County Road 58, South Point, April 8, woman alleged husband threatened to hit her with hammer and punched her above the eye; Kurt Wilke, 46, of the same address, arrested.

Domestic violence — Private drive in Ironton, April 11, man alleged live-in girlfriend assaulted him; Shelley Matney, 35, of the same address, cited to court.

Domestic violence — Private drive in South Point, April 12, woman alleged live-in boyfriend threatened to hit her and throw her out of the house; Michael Rucker, 24, of the same address, arrested.

Disorderly conduct, possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia — Clark Pump and Shop, Ironton, April 12, store clerk reported unruly customer; deputy responded to suspect’s home to ask him to not return to the store; suspect allegedly handed deputy a bag of marijuana and claimed he was going to kill himself and that he was the son of God, he was born in the White House and had sex with Michelle Obama and had a fight with the president; Timothy Kearns, 48, of 4762 State Route 141, Ironton, arrested.

Theft — Grandview Inn, South Point, April 14, chain saws taken from truck.

Burglary, felonious assault — 300 block Township Road 336, April 13, man allegedly broke into trailer to take items; when confronted, suspect allegedly hit man in head with baton; suspect named but not located at the time of the report.



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