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D-B grad taking robotics team to Hawaii

Published 9:58am Thursday, June 5, 2014


HAMLIN, W.Va. — Following an extensive briefing from instructor and Dawson-Bryant graduate Tim Elliott at a previous meeting, the Lincoln County (W.Va.) Board of Education last week approved an out-of-state trip for Lincoln County High School students and Elliott to Hawaii this summer to attend the International VEX Robotics Summer Games.

The expenses, understood to be around $8,000, are to be shared by LCHS and the county, according to the agenda item approved on a 4-0 vote by the board at its May 20, regular session at the school.

“This program does have a return on the money we put in,” said Elliot, pointing to the career and vocational successes achieved by program participants. He also told the board that those students attending the games in Hawaii would be willing to work with middle schoolers during the summer months. He also spoke of the possibility of the high school hosting a VEX event in the future.

At the board’s May 6 session, Elliot provided a detailed account of the Panthers’ recent success in the robotics field. The board heard of the team’s undefeated season and the awarding of state grant assistance.

In West Virginia, the LCHS program went undefeated in the regular season, and lost the championship game by a single point. Elliot also described the international VEX competition, which involves 250,000 teams from around the world.

The Panthers were invited to take part in the VEX Summer Games as a result of their impressive successes of late.

(Excerpts of this article reprinted from the May 28, 2014, edition of The Lincoln (W.Va.) Journal.)

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