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Liquor license transfer on agenda

Published 1:03pm Thursday, June 12, 2014

It might take a hearing to determine if a liquor license transfer will be granted.

An item on Ironton City Council’s agenda for tonight’s regular meeting is a request from the Ohio Division of Liquor Control to transfer a liquor license from Tonewood Inc., operating as the Fuzzy Duck, to Morgan Holdings Ohio LLC, operating as The Laidback Bar and Grill. Both companies list an Ironton address of 10 Center St.

“The transfer request is for a liquor license that is location specific,” Ironton mayor Rich Blankenship said. “It is for the building where the Fuzzy Duck is currently located.”

Blankenship expressed his ambivalence about the request and said he is optimistic council will ask for an advisability hearing before moving forward.

“We need to determine who this company or person is,” Blankenship said. “To just transfer the license right now without doing research is just not right. We need to avoid getting back in the same boat we are in now so I don’t think automatically granting the transfer request is something (the city) should do.”

Determining whether a location-specific license still applies if the specified location is unoccupied is another question that needs answered, Blankenship said.

A May 27 hearing resulted in the granting of the city’s request for eviction of the Fuzzy Duck lessee who has until June 27 to vacate the building located at 100 Center St.

Ordinance 14-22 authorizing the mayor to award the state contract bid for a custom fire engine and declaring an emergency will have its second reading.

Purchasing the truck is in accordance with the city’s fire fee.

During council’s previous regular meeting council member Phillip Heald moved to suspend the rules and adopt the ordinance and council member Craig Harvey seconded Heald’s motion. A “no” vote from council member Dave Frazer negated the required two-thirds majority to suspend the rules.

“It’s critical this ordinance gets adopted,” Blankenship said. “In July the state bid prices will change and the cost will go up.”

If the ordinance is not approved Blankenship said he would request a special meeting so, if adopted, it would be before July 1.

The lowest bid for the fire engine of $388,464 was submitted by Sutphen Corporation of Dublin. The truck would replace the city’s current 1994 model.

Ordinance 14-23 authorizing the mayor to purchase new Dumpsters for the city will have its first reading at tonight’s meeting.

The four Dumpsters will serve the Holiday Inn Express and Suites being built as part of the Gateway Project. The cost shall not exceed $4,000, according to the ordinance, and will be purchased from the city’s garbage equipment replacement fund.

“The hotel elected to go with the city for their garbage disposal,” Blankenship said. “With other garbage collection companies as options I’m glad to have the hotel as a customer.”

Council will also vote on Tom Klein’s appointment to the city’s zoning appeals board to complete the late Paul Glanville’s term, which ends Aug. 1.

Ironton City Council meets in regular session at 6 p.m. the second and fourth Thursday each month on the third floor of the city center on South Third Street.

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  • Ohno

    Is everyone missing the BIG PICTURE here..when did council advertise for the lease of the old Fuzzy Duck Building and who the devil is this company that must know in advance they are getting the bid awarded to them that they apply for the license now?

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    • Digi

      That’s the thing, they haven’t leased it or anything. So why do they need that liquor license? They haven’t advertised for any tennents at all for that building and as far as I know the city can’t operate a bar and you can’t have the license if they don’t have the building. At least that’s my understanding.

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  • Digi

    The Laidback? Isn’t that already a bar operating down where The Old River Cafe as it used to be called is located? Are they wanting to open a second bar here in town or what? I also thought getting rid of the bar scene on the river was an opportunity to make Ironton more family friendly? But now it’s just going to be the same bar, new name and same old crowd driving up second street from one branch to the other? I guess that’s why most people just don’t hold faith in this ole town any more. It all revolves around a bottle of booze, as if there aren’t plenty of establishments already running to fulfill anyone’s need in this town!

    Then you have this group trying to improve on how people look at the city they grow up in. It’s hard to brag about what bar is going in down on the boat dock this year, and who got their butt kicked by who while they were out with some other guys wife! But they shook hands got a pizza and went home to watch some tv! Some things just don’t change around here!

    (Report comment)

  • RUNutz

    Now that the Fuzzy Duck, where numerous calls required police intervention for fighting, stabbing, and shooting, is out of the alcohol business, and the city has expressed plans and invested money, material, and manpower to make the river front a family-friendly atmosphere, why would the city grant another liquor license to the same location?

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