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Published 10:51am Tuesday, June 24, 2014

With the many changes made to Ohio’s education system, one major change for this past school year was the assessment for third-graders in Ohio school districts.

State administrators received the next round of results from the testing that was taken this past spring. This provided another indicator of how districts did with new standards of the law passed in 2012.

When the report was released, the results showed that nearly one-third of Ohio’s third-graders still did not meet the necessary requirements when the test scores were compiled from the fall of 2013 and the spring of 2014.

Nearly all of Lawrence County’s school districts fared better than the state average.

While we understand that there may be factors that can be a hindrance, however, this testing needs to have 100 percent success.

Called the Third-Grade Reading Guarantee, the law requires students meet certain criteria and ensure significance is placed on reading as a base for the child’s future.

Students who do not meet the requirements during the fall and spring of third grade can make a progression during the following year and still shift into fourth grade during the school year.

While we are happy to see these quality test results, it is important to continue to evolve the testing to ensure that each child has the tools necessary for success along with a solid learning foundation at home.





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