Police Report—6/26/14

Published 10:27am Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sheriff’s office

Domestic violence — Private drive off State Route 7 in Chesapeake, June 24, woman alleged father of her unborn child choked her.

Burglary — 1100 block County Road 1, South Point, June 22, window air unit taken from residence.

Vandalism — Private Drive off Township Road 1183, Ironton, June 24, car vandalized.

Burglary — 100 block County Road 405, Ironton, June 24, medication stolen from residence.

Theft — Private drive in Ironton, June 24, 100 feet of copper wire taken from Verizon cell site.

Petty theft — 100 block Township Road 1464, Chesapeake, June 23, medication stolen.

Burglary — 18000 block State Route 243, Chesapeake, June 25, window air unit and TV taken from residence.

Theft without consent, forgery — 3300 block State Route 243, Ironton, June, 24, debit card stolen and used at gas station.

Domestic violence — 40 block Township Road 1503, Chesapeake, June 23, woman alleged husband shut her arms in car door when he was trying to leave residence.

Burglary — 15000 block State Route 775, Scottown, June 22, rifle and 12-pack of soda taken from residence.

Burglary — 7800 block County Road 12, Proctorville, June 21, TV, laptop and safe taken from residence.

Burglary — 1900 block County Road 31, Chesapeake, June 21, pistol taken from residence.

Domestic violence — Private drive off County Road 26, Ironton, June 21, woman alleged husband threatened to kill her and prevented her from getting out of the vehicle they were in; negative contact with suspect.

Domestic violence, disrupting public service — 500 block County Road 68, Chesapeake, June 21, woman alleged husband grabbed her by the arms and shook her and broke her cell phone; negative contact with suspect.

Using weapons while intoxicated — 70 block Township Road 1273, Chesapeake, June 20, woman alleged brother had been drinking and had a gun to his head; Nicholas Homer, 52, of the same address, arrested.

Breaking and entering — 1100 block County Road 1, South Point, June 19, outbuilding broken into; lawn mower taken.

Petty theft — 2500 block County Road 32, Chesapeake, June 18, dirt bike taken from residence.

Domestic violence, criminal damaging, vandalism — 400 block Township Road 379, June 17, man alleged son threatened to kill him, hit him and bit him; son allegedly hit sides of trailer with metal pipe; dented car door with glass ashtray; Dwayne Ferrell, 18, of the same address, arrested.



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