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Sky Lake focus of raid

Published 3:00pm Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CHESAPEAKE — The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office is in the process of executing a search warrant at Sky Lake outside of Chesapeake.

A back room by a restaurant next to the lake is the focus of the warrant. The room may allegedly be housing gambling machines, according to Sheriff Jeff Lawless.

“We are executing a search warrant about possible illegal activities,” Lawless said.

Law enforcement were on the scene by 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.


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  • mickakers

    chs71; I enjoyed that comment! Do they still bet on Football cards in Lawrence County? That used to be a lot of fun.

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    • Digi13

      As far as I know yes, they still do football cards! Not sure if the same place is the hotspot for them but I always enjoyed doing them. I heard some talking about them last year so I’ll have to look into that this year and start doing them again! Haha!

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  • chs71

    Oh my goodness…this has been going on for years…why now is this being raided!?

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    • Digi13

      I know really? Did they honestly think the fishing and food was really that great up there? They should have known something was going on and it couldn’t have been all drugs because the people were staying around too long! I mean seriously how many poles sitting around the lake without being in the water or in the water without bait does it take for people to not know something is going on? Haha!

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    • Angela Davis

      Tracy must have made someone mad cause the sheriffs use to play them i have seen this myself

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