Mike Caldwell

Genuine heroes, lasting impressions

Most Lawrence Countians might not have recognized Martin Leonard Smith, Jr., when they saw him, but the 30-year Army veteran was unforgettable to anyone who ... Read more  | 3 comments

ELECTION 2012: Precinct breakdowns for Lawrence County

For complete precinct breakdowns of the Lawrence County 2012 General Election, click HERE.   Read more

Newspaper must have a voice

Voting for the men and women who will lead our community, our state and our nation is perhaps one of the most personal things a ... Read more  | 3 comments

TV news reporter Randy Yohe arrested for DUI, drug charges

WSAZ news reporter and on-air television personality Randy Yohe was arrested early Saturday morning on six misdemeanor charges that included driving under the influence of ... Read more  | 8 comments