Fed faced with record drop in consumer prices

A record plunge in consumer prices in November puts pressure on the Federal Reserve to act decisively to guard against a debilitating bout of deflation. Read more

Union workers hopeful of bailout

With a workforce of almost 700 idled at AK Steel, the nod for the bailout for the U.S. automakers from the U.S. House was welcomed ... Read more

Legislation hits snag in Senate

A House-passed bill to speed $14 billion in loans to Detroit’s automakers stands on shaky ground in a bailout-weary Congress, undermined by Republican opposition that ... Read more

Pelosi likes idea of ‘car czar’ to audit bailout

Tense talks are continuing on a bill to provide financial aid to the auto industry as the White House pushes tougher consequences than congressional Democrats ... Read more

Progress made for bailout of Big 3

A bailout plan for the failing U.S. auto industry could include a Cabinet-level oversight board and a provision to withdraw the money if the overseers ... Read more