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Commissioners pass special funds budget

Without any discussion or comment the Lawrence County Commissioners passed at its Thursday meeting the special funds budget that finances such agencies as 911, the ... Read more

Ohio AG to weigh in on budget controversy

Now it’s in the hands of the Ohio Attorney General ­— or will be soon. Does the county auditor have the legal authority to determine ... Read more

Disputed half a million in budget

But can it be spent? They’re saying it’s there, but are not going to spend it, at least for now. That’s what happened to the ... Read more

How much money do they have?

Which certification will remain valid? Is it legal? That’s the question now facing the county as members of the budget commission dispute whether a vote ... Read more

Phone scam targets water bills

The Ironton Police Department is warning residents that there is a phone scam in the city focusing on the water department bills. “We have had ... Read more