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Welding program needed

Four years is a long time. Especially when you consider waiting four years to earn a degree that may or may not secure you a ... Read more

Reaching out to families

All too often in today’s society we see a severe disconnect between children and their parents. These divides can stem from a multitude of avenues ... Read more

Wreaths goal lauded

While the ceremony may not be on the scale of the annual event at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C., the Wreaths Across America event ... Read more

Grades helping schools

In the most basic form, letters from the alphabet are a fundamental aspect of our language. Some of those letters, however, are a central point ... Read more

Tribune Columnists

9/11 serves as important reminder

I had never been to New York City, so a few years ago when I took a road trip to New England, making a stop ... Read more

Fall has plenty to offer

It is hard to believe this year is flying by so quickly and we are already into the second week of September. We are moving ... Read more

Thanks for a great summer

Although the official first day of fall isn’t until Sept. 23, Labor Day usually marks the end of summer fun. Pools close for the season, ... Read more

Encourage people to seek help

Anyone who has ever lost a family member or close friend — whether it be from illness, accident or old age — knows the burden ... Read more

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Letters to the Editor

Church gives meaning

Over the course of my short 28 years, I have realized a couple things: Lucky Charms is hands down the best cereal on the market ... Read more

Vets get education help

Sept. 16 is a landmark day for Ohio’s approximately 900,000 veterans of military service. On that day, House Bill 488 takes effect, bringing new levels ... Read more

Church offers invitation

The writer of the Book of Hebrews in the New Testament had this admonition to the folks of his day: “And let us consider one ... Read more

Find plan to fight ISIS

When U.S. journalists or any other Americans are executed by terrorists in a crude and barbaric attempt to intimidate and terrorize, that act must not ... Read more

Opinion Columnists

GOP win means what?

Non-presidential election years have considerably lower voter turnout than the years when America elects a president. ... Read more

Rice reaction knee jerk

Let’s get to the burning national media issue of the week — Ray Rice and spousal ... Read more