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Community involvement sought

Over the coming months, The Tribune’s editorial board, consisting of General Manager Josh Morrison, News Editor Michelle Goodman, Advertising Manager Shawn Randolph and Production Manager ... Read more

OUS dean a good fit for county

Ohio University Southern made history this week with the appointment of the institution’s first female dean. It was announced Monday that Nicole Pennington, associate director ... Read more | 1 comment

Our youth need models

Over the weekend, Fairland Little League in Proctorville celebrated its 55th year serving the youth of the community. This milestone, thanks to several people including ... Read more

Off-duty arrest gets praised

The actions of an off-duty Ironton police officer this week just goes to show that law enforcement is a 24-hour a day job and you ... Read more

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Warm weather brings lots to do

Now that old man winter has slowly faded away, hopefully it is time to put away the coats and trade them in for shorts and ... Read more

Ads don’t show real picture

Every now and again when I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed, a headline from The Onion will catch my eye. Most recently I found myself ... Read more | 2 comments

Education can be key

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking a lot about the importance of a quality education and the impact it can have ... Read more | 1 comment

Everyone must take advantage of early voting

I debated writing this letter for a while but I feel there are so many people are not aware of the changing of Early Voting ... Read more | 2 comments

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Harveytown Grade School reunion set

Any one who attended Harveytown Grade School at any time is encouraged to attend our 17th annual reunion from 12-4 p.m. Saturday, June 7. The ... Read more

Child abuse is community’s business

Child abuse leaves a permanent scar on its victims. Children don’t know why they are being abused. It is even sadder when abuse is the ... Read more | 1 comment

Taxes, jobs just 2 of voters’ concerns

Elected by the people in 2012 after having been appointed by the Republican Central Committee, I am seeking re-election as your Republican Lawrence County Commissioner. ... Read more | 1 comment

Death penalty has Biblical support

There are those who think the death penalty is cruel punishment, well just what was the crime that the person did to deserve the death ... Read more | 5 comments

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Raising minimum wage right move

One of the hot issues in this year’s political races is whether the federal minimum wage ... Read more | 2 comments

Did Blood Moon bring lunacy?

The Blood Moon on Monday night might have brought on the apocalypse, because a rash of ... Read more | 4 comments