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Testing killing learning

Why the nation’s education system is stuck in an endless loop of standardized testing and memorization drills is baffling. At what point did it become ... Read more

Rioting hurting everyone

Two wrongs don’t make a right. The recent rioting in Baltimore is evidence of that adage. Sparked by the suspicious death of a suspect, Freddie ... Read more

Cleanup uniting county

After a long winter, this time of year making a drive or walk down the street will likely result in seeing neighbors and other residents ... Read more

Heroes set good example

For several years now, the Caped Crusader has made a big impact on the lives of children in the Tri-State, most recently with a visit ... Read more

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Don’t let failure stop you

While watching one of the games the Ironton Classic this past December, on the back of one of the teams warm-up shirts was a something ... Read more

Lions Club needs your help

One of my favorite things to do in the spring and summer is spend a Saturday morning visiting yard sales, estate sales, thrift shops and ... Read more

Remembering Mr. Cartoon

I know for many, the thought of the 24-hour stations dedicated to cartoons wasn’t something that could have been fathomed 15-20 years ago. While cartoons ... Read more

Being only child not so bad

Friday was National Sibling Day. I only know this because my Facebook feed was cluttered with photos of my friends with their brothers and/or sisters. ... Read more

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Letters to the Editor

Ironton In Bloom not asking for funds

After reading the recent Tribune editorial regarding the discussion of the inclusion of an expenditure line item within the city budget for “Streetscape,” it appears ... Read more

Looking for leaders in Ironton

The City Council’s refusal to immediately support Ironton in Bloom’s effort to improve the appearance of the town is certainly in keeping with Ironton’s leaders’ ... Read more

Easter egg hunt volunteers praised

On Tuesday, March 31, many children were thrilled to participate in the 2015 Ironton Easter Egg Hunt, organized by the Ironton Business Association, the Ironton ... Read more

Online offers reading option

More than 100 countries will participate in World Book Day on Thursday, encouraging people to explore the pleasures of reading. At Social Security, we invite ... Read more

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Resources can ease retirement

Achieving financial independence is key to enjoying a satisfying retirement. Social Security has many tools to ... Read more

Evangelicals changing clout

When the Moral Majority first appeared in American politics a union formed between the Republican party ... Read more