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Scavenger hunt good for city

In keeping with the momentum that Ironton has gained in restoring its downtown scene, residents will soon have the opportunity to reap rewards by simply ... Read more

Voters in middle are key

While the election season is still a little more than two months away, the midterm elections see both parties trying to gain or hold their ... Read more

Ending pill mills possible

Although drugs are still very much a plague on Lawrence County and the Tri-State, strides are being made to hold those responsible for distributing the ... Read more

Ice is leading to cure

Everyone from former United States President George W. Bush to celebrities such as Bill Gates and Oprah has dumped buckets of ice water over their ... Read more

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Encourage people to seek help

Anyone who has ever lost a family member or close friend — whether it be from illness, accident or old age — knows the burden ... Read more

Convention mixed bag

We have all heard that the state of Ohio is pivotal in every Presidential election cycle. That may be taken to an entirely different level ... Read more

Writers’ block terrifying

When I became a journalist, one of my greatest fears was the ever-dreaded writers’ block. Actually, I should say that fear was realized on my ... Read more

Crime: What’s the solution?

As someone who grew up in South Point and graduated from South Point High School, it is extremely disheartening to see the recent rash of ... Read more

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Letters to the Editor

Wouldn’t know the truth

The second part of Jim Crawford’s letter on Aug. 22 is the truth, however, if you can say with a straight face that birthers, Fast ... Read more

Jobs the answer to poverty

Improving the economy — providing more jobs — is the key to lifting individuals and families out of poverty. That has been made crystal clear ... Read more

County must help take care of its poor

I’m not the only one who thinks the treasurer and commissioners have developed a war on the poor and old people in Lawrence County. For ... Read more

Aging agency good resource

AAA7. You may have seen this acronym or perhaps have heard about it, but not exactly sure what it stands for or what it means. ... Read more

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Academy offers option

Moving into its second year, the Lawrence County Academy is continuing efforts to provide an education ... Read more

District deserves better

One of the reasons why most Ohioans are fed up with Washington is that too many ... Read more