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Taxes get easier to pay

With the second-half tax bills coming into the Lawrence County treasurer’s office this week, the county is on pace to equal and potentially surpass collections ... Read more

Market feeding body, mind

If you happened to find yourself in downtown Ironton this past weekend, you may have noticed some special things happening at the Farmers Market. That’s ... Read more

Tuition program benefits

In many cases in today’s business climate having a college degree is considered a leg up. While it seems a seamless transition from high school ... Read more

Shelter adoptions benefit all

Searching for the right pet can be a difficult decision sometimes. Likewise, trying to find homes for orphaned pets can present an even bigger challenge. ... Read more

Tribune Columnists

Where is the line drawn?

When I was a little girl, I was pretty well behaved. I never got into trouble at school, I followed the rules and I certainly ... Read more

Hard work essential virtue

As the old saying goes, hard work pays off. As the county fair wrapped up for 2014, the culmination of a year’s worth of work ... Read more

Child neglect uncalled for

I’ll be the first to admit. I am a crier when it comes to sappy movies. I think I’ve always been that way. I remember ... Read more

Failure can bring growth

Last week, I heard a phrase that I have heard or said myself at various times throughout my life. And that phrase is “Failure is ... Read more

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Letters to the Editor

Charter schools accountability

On Tuesday, members of the State Board of Education witnessed something extraordinary. A group of former teachers testified in public session about their disturbing experience ... Read more

Two cents shuts off electricity

Upon my arrival home after a hard day’s work on June 9, I noticed a red sign on my door from Buckeye Rural Electric: “Your ... Read more

Drones safety for guards

For many of us, the word “drone” tends to prompt mixed feelings of fascination and worry. But one proposed use for the unmanned aerial vehicles ... Read more

Eliminating term limits not way to go

Our fine city and our dedicated city council have a term regulation set in place which has worked very well for Ironton with the last ... Read more

Opinion Columnists

Fatherless families fatal

Despite the media play Chicago gets, it isn’t the official “Murder Capital of the U.S.A.” That ... Read more

Be part of Ironton revival

The latest trend on social media is the “I’m so Ironton” memories. While I enjoy each ... Read more