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Taxes get easier to pay

With the second-half tax bills coming into the Lawrence County treasurer’s office this week, the county is on pace to equal and potentially surpass collections ... Read more

Market feeding body, mind

If you happened to find yourself in downtown Ironton this past weekend, you may have noticed some special things happening at the Farmers Market. That’s ... Read more

Tuition program benefits

In many cases in today’s business climate having a college degree is considered a leg up. While it seems a seamless transition from high school ... Read more

Shelter adoptions benefit all

Searching for the right pet can be a difficult decision sometimes. Likewise, trying to find homes for orphaned pets can present an even bigger challenge. ... Read more

Flood levy vital

It’s no big secret. Things cost more today than they did in years past. Prices of everything from electricity, natural gas, water, food and entertainment ... Read more