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Youth should be praised

Each year, especially during the holiday season, organizations throughout the region have various fundraisers along with food, clothing and toy drives among others to help ... Read more

Simple tips can keep one healthy

The Ohio Department of Health on Tuesday officially confirmed the first flu-related pediatric death came from southern Ohio. Unfortunately, that death, a 15-year-old girl, was ... Read more

Museum promotes history

For many, history provides an outlet to see our beginnings. That was the case recently when students from throughout Lawrence County were able to pen ... Read more

Find out why bills not paid

At the beginning of the month, Lawrence County commissioners got a rude awakening when they learned the county owes medical bills to St. Mary’s Medical ... Read more

CART new tool for children

According to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, there have been 48 Amber Alerts in the state of Ohio in the past five years. Thankfully, missing ... Read more