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Prayer can offer unity

This Thursday, several events will take place to recognize the annual National Day of Prayer. In some cases, the events held throughout the country can ... Read more

Testing killing learning

Why the nation’s education system is stuck in an endless loop of standardized testing and memorization drills is baffling. At what point did it become ... Read more

Rioting hurting everyone

Two wrongs don’t make a right. The recent rioting in Baltimore is evidence of that adage. Sparked by the suspicious death of a suspect, Freddie ... Read more

Cleanup uniting county

After a long winter, this time of year making a drive or walk down the street will likely result in seeing neighbors and other residents ... Read more

Heroes set good example

For several years now, the Caped Crusader has made a big impact on the lives of children in the Tri-State, most recently with a visit ... Read more