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Making sure all are safe

Hope for the best; prepare for the worst. That was the mindset of many volunteer fire departments throughout the county as they practiced worst-case scenarios ... Read more

Garden nurtures spirit

The memorable line in the movie “Field of Dreams” says, “If you build it, they will come.” That is exactly what organizers of the community ... Read more

Fireworks can prove deadly

This weekend people all over the Tri-State will celebrate America’s independence in a number of ways. Several communities in Lawrence County will have festivals, like ... Read more

Secret gun files wrong

The Ohio Newspaper Association, joined by the Ohio Association of Broadcasters and the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, as well as news organizations across ... Read more

Seniors need advocate

One of the most underserved populations in the country is senior citizens. In Lawrence County, for seniors who can’t live alone but don’t need a ... Read more