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Johnson best pick for 6th

In the race for the 6th Congressional District seat in the United States House of Representatives, Lawrence County residents have viable candidates to choose from. ... Read more

Johnson, Smith get Tribune nod

When it comes to representing Lawrence County at the state level, Terry Johnson and Ryan Smith have shown they will fight for what their districts ... Read more

Sweethearts not always sweet deal

In the 21st century, one can do just about anything online from shopping, playing games, reading and research and even finding a love match. Dating ... Read more

Keep holiday safe

Later this week many communities throughout Lawrence County and the surrounding region will see thousands of eager kids take to the streets in search of ... Read more

Ads don’t show entire picture

With a little over a week until Election Day, we are continually inundated daily and in many cases hourly with political advertisements. Unfortunately, most of ... Read more