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It’s hard to say goodbye

Earlier this week, a couple I know had to put down their family cat, Chubbs. Chubbs was an old cat and he had gotten sick ... Read more

Breakfast great tradition

What’s your favorite breakfast? Is it a cup of fruit or oatmeal, eggs and bacon or biscuits and gravy? In a few weeks, hopefully that ... Read more

Mourning those we don’t know

This past Monday, nearly everyone I knew, including myself, was in a tailspin following the announcement that iconic rock star and actor David Bowie had ... Read more

We must address bullying

The concept of bullying is not something new, as it has been around seemingly since the dawn of time. There have always been those who ... Read more

Resolutions can be kept

As the Christmas holiday has come and gone, many will begin to place the focus on the New Year. And with that, most will make ... Read more