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Meanness is a waste of time

Why do some people go out of their way to try and make someone else’s day worse? An unknown person tried to do this to ... Read more

Tribune strives to be best

For a century and a half, the Tribune has been a part of the Lawrence County community. Many things go into the makeup of a ... Read more

Community needs your input

Over the past year, there has been a significant amount of building projects and ideas brought to the forefront. While each of these projects can ... Read more

Desire for freedom infectious

This weekend, our nation celebrated the signing of the Declaration of Independence and its freedom from Great Britain. Happy 239th birthday, America. The Fourth of ... Read more

County fair means good time

Can you smell the sweet aroma of the funnel cakes cooking? How about the taste of the corndogs, sweet tea, lemonade or bloomin’ onions? Or, ... Read more