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Community will decide on schools

Community will decide on schools<!—->.

Monday, August 02, 1999

Community will decide on schools

South Point School District residents and students got some good news this week. After several months of waiting, the district finally got the official word – state money from the School Building Assistance Fund is coming South Point’s way.

That means the district will have more than $24 million from the state to fix up schools and build a consolidated elementary school.

But the money is not a sure thing yet. South Point voters will decide if their school district will get the funding.

To get the state money, South Point area voters must approve a levy to provide matching funds – a small commitment considering the money the district will receive.

No one is talking about the levy yet – the news of the state money is too new.

But when they do, school district residents need to look beyond the immediate and focus on the future.

Good schools and up-to-date equipment boost property values, there is no question. But, more importantly, South Point students deserve the opportunity to enjoy new schools and to access some of the resources being offered to their peers across the county and the state.

If South Point and the county are serious about attracting more jobs to this area, there is no question that improving all our schools is the first step.

It is never too early to start thinking about tomorrow.