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Dog power meets wheels

Forget how much horsepower is under the hood.

Tuesday, August 03, 1999

Forget how much horsepower is under the hood. Katlin Miller has dog power under her soles.

The dog power is one, as in her pet Doberman-mix, Hershey.

About a year ago, Katlin got a new pair of rollerblade skates, but being a first-time rollerblader she had her difficulties. Enter Hershey.

"I just got my rollerblades and I couldn’t go very fast," said Katlin. "So I put a leash on him and he dragged me around the block."

Katlin, 8, said the dog is very playful and she always makes sure Hershey gets plenty of water when they finish.

"I have three other dogs at my house (in Huntington, W.Va.). They’re exactly like him. They like to play. My St. Bernard puppy Tilly pulls me a little, too, but not as much as Hershey," Katlin said.

Katlin’s father, WKEE-AM radio personality J.\B. Miller, said the two play all the time.

"He comes with his tongue just hanging. He’ll go as long as you want. He’s gone as long as an hour," Miller said.

Although Katlin and Hershey like to travel up and down the sidewalk in front of their home on South 10th Street, dad said the pair sometimes take an unexpected detour.

"When (Hershey) chases another dog, it’s funny," Miller said. "The man on the corner has a dog named Posey. One day Posey came out and Hershey rode up the little hill and through our neighbor’s yard."