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South Point man wins prizes with a call

SOUTH POINT – Jason McGee discovered that sometimes it pays to take a chance.

Thursday, August 12, 1999

SOUTH POINT – Jason McGee discovered that sometimes it pays to take a chance. The 27-year-old South Point native recently won a Discovery Channel sweepstakes that put him into an Isuzi Vehicross sport utility vehicle.

As a winner, McGee also received $15,000 from Kinko’s, $15,000 from Mastercard and a trip to Morocco.

But until McGee put the key into the ignition of his new automobile, he said he could not believe he actually won.

"This is the first time I have ever won anything," he said. "It was really exciting. I couldn’t believe it for the longest time."

An avid Discovery Channel watcher, it was not unusual for McGee to be watching Eco Challenge, which is a program that explores the most extreme environments.

What was unusual was that he picked up the phone when he saw a commercial for the contest, he said.

"During each night’s program they asked people to call in for the ‘You View It, You Do It’ contest," McGee said. "I called in both nights and got in both nights. I love the show, so I thought I would call in, and I won. That is amazing. I hardly ever call in and I won. I need to play the lottery, I think."

Discovery Channel and Armstrong Cable representatives are going to be at the McGee residence today to film a commercial that will feature him and his prizes, McGee said.

"This is like nothing else," he said. "I enjoy the program, the extreme sports, because I’m into the mountain bikes. And I’m going to love the trip. I’ve never been overseas. I think it will be a good time. They are going to send me a list of stuff to do. Some of the things will be wind surfing and horseback riding."

McGee will no longer hesitate about trying to win contests. He found out that anything is possible.

"It was pretty shocking to me when I won, but I love it," he said. "I don’t usually try to win anything. And I never thought I would win. But they called me back and told me that I won, which was sweet."