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Chesy, Redmen meet in key tilt

The biggest reason for the hype is team records.

Thursday, September 30, 1999

The biggest reason for the hype is team records. Chesapeake is 5-0 and Rock Hill 4-1. Fairland is just 1-3 while Coal Grove and South Point are 0-5.

Davis warned against looking strictly at the records.

"We have the two best records, but that’s all relative to your non-league schedule. I remember Coal Grove going 0-5 outside the league and 5-0 in the league. People get up for each other and give them their best shot," said Davis.

The game will go put one team a step closer to winning the league, but it will also provide a lot of computer playoff points for a postseason berth. Davis said the need to win is of great importance, especially to his team.

"We feel we have to win them all to have a shot (at the playoffs)," said Davis.

This early OVC showdown will match the power of the Redmen against the speed and quickness of the Panthers. Hall wants to use ball control to negate the Panthers overall speed led by wide receiver Robby Isaacs.

"They’re good," Hall said. "They have great team speed. They’re one of the best coached teams in the area. Phil and his staff do a great job.

"We have to put pressure on the quarterback. You can’t let (quarterback Andy) Clark sit back there all day because no one can cover Isaacs one-on-one. You can’t let him run down the field free. We’ll have to change up our coverages."

Rock Hill got a taste of team speed last week in a 36-35 win over Wellston which featured three running backs with exceptional speed. Even though Wellston was a good preparation for Chesapeake, Hall admitted there was a key difference.

"The thing they present that Wellston didn’t is the threat of throwing the ball. Wellston had the three fast backs, but they didn’t throw the ball as well," said Hall. "There’s no way we can give up 35 points against Chesapeake and expect to win. We have to play better than last week."

Rock Hill has a decisive advantage in size and physical strength, a fact that has Davis very heavily concerned.

"They have some big kids, a lot bigger than we have," said Davis. "You just have to look at what they do well. They’ll just try to run the fullback (Scott Turley) and try to keep it away from you."

Chesapeake went 8-3 last season in winning the OVC outright for the first time since 1960. Rock Hill was 0-10 including a 43-7 loss to Chesapeake. Still, Davis hasn’t been surprised at the turnaround.

"They have all those kids back who played last year, and early on last year I thought they lost some games they could have won," said Davis. "They just played us tough, but eventually we scored on some long touchdowns against them. It was interesting.

Hall said the Redmen would like a win over the Panthers for another reason other than the OVC and playoffs.

"A win like that would put a little respectability back in our program, but we have to come out and play well or that win (last week) will be a bit tarnished. To take your program to the next level, you have to beat good people. This game is bigger than it was last week," Hall said.

"We’re not superstars. We’re just blue-coller players. We have to play well to win," said Hall.