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Sewers county Issue II funding requests

Three sewer projects dominate Lawrence County’s application for state public works grant dollars this year.

Monday, October 11, 1999

Three sewer projects dominate Lawrence County’s application for state public works grant dollars this year.

The county’s Issue II grant program committee met last week to rank six projects for possible funding by the District 15 Ohio Public Works Integrating Committee, which represents a group of 11 counties that receive state tax and other monies each year.

Ironton’s project to replace the Woodland Cemetery ranks fifth and a Proctorville waterline project ranks sixth.

This year there is $6 million for the 11 counties in the main district fund and Local Transportation Improvement Fund (LTIP), and Lawrence is applying for about $1.7 million, said David Lynd, county engineer and local committee chairman.

Under the Issue II program, projects rank against each other and compete in only certain funds. Some funds target small communities and counties. The local rating of the project only applies to the main district fund.

"The procedure is all are considered for the district rating and those that don’t make it, and if they’re applicable, they are considered for LTIP and then it trickles down from there," Lynd said.

Lawrence County has had some success in getting most all projects funded each year, but there is no definitive way to know until the announcements this spring, he said.

Projects, in order of rank, are:

– Proctorville pump station project. This project will reroute pump station lines near Kroger to the Union-Rome Sewer District equalization basin, which is part of long range plans to keep groundwater infiltration under control. Total cost is about $290,000, with Union-Rome matching $29,000.

– DeMaria Street force main replacement. This project would upgrade lines so the third phase of the Gardner Lane sewer improvement project can begin. Total project cost is about $755,000, with a $75,600 local share, which includes a partial loan.

– High Avenue storm sewer separation. This project will finish up removing catch basins and drains that allow runoff water to flow in sewer lines in West Chesapeake. Total cost is $200,000 with the county obligated to a $20,000 match.

– Lawrence County Joint resurfacing. This project is the county’s annual road paving grant. About $250,000 of the project’s $907,000 price tag is requested.

– Woodland Cemetery bridge replacement. This city project requests $180,000 in grant funding for the more than $740,000 project, and will replace the structure that is currently closed for safety reasons.

– Proctorville waterline replacement. This project will serve village water customers with a line upgrade. Total cost is $100,000, but only $90,000 in grant funds is requested.