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Bill Douglas loved city, nation, family

Bill Douglas was an unassuming man.

Tuesday, November 09, 1999

Bill Douglas was an unassuming man. He never wasted time blowing his own horn for all the work he had done to make Ironton and his country better places to live. He didn’t have time – there was too much to do.

A community is built and made stronger by people like Bill Douglas. His commitment to doing what was best for others – even if it meant more work for him – was what made him special. That selfless dedication is also why his death this week is such a great loss not only to his family, but to Ironton and Lawrence County.

There is no way to chronicle the impact Douglas had on his hometown – the many ways he found to give back to an area that he felt had given him so much.

And his impact did not stop locally either. Douglas also had a distinguished career in the military, serving his country with honor.

Bill Douglas also loved his family and taught his children and grandchildren the value of helping others. They continue that tradition – and that undoubtedly will be one of the best parts of his legacy.

There will be many who will shed tears at the news of so great a loss, and wish they could see Bill Douglas’s easy smile again. But if they miss him, all they have to do is look at the Ohio University Southern Campus flag.

That flag is just one of the many places he left his mark.