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Share holiday spirit with less fortunate

In driving around Lawrence County this week, the spirit of the holidays already is obvious everywhere.

Saturday, November 27, 1999

In driving around Lawrence County this week, the spirit of the holidays already is obvious everywhere.

The area is aglow at night with the twinkle of holiday lights strung meticulously around houses. Front doors are sporting the brilliance of wreaths bedecked with cheery, red bows.

Yes, the Christmas season is here, with the mad dash of shoppers hurrying from store to store. Families and friends are planning special get-togethers to commemorate this final holiday season of the century and millennium, and the air is filled with beloved carols.

While Christmas in Southern Ohio might not look a scene from a Currier and Ives print, it is special and unique and wonderful ­ a holiday that shines especially brightly for most of us.

Unfortunately, there are those in our collective family who are not so fortunate. For them, the Christmas season is filled with despair and depression.

There are no lilting carols, no holiday shopping and even no Christmas tree to put in their windows. For these individuals and families, simply putting food on the table and keeping a roof over their heads is a struggle.

Each year, The Ironton Tribune sponsors the Neighbors Helping Neighbors food drive. All foods collected will be donated to the Ironton City Mission, whose work with our less fortunate neighbors is legendary.

The selfless and tireless staff and volunteers at the City Mission turn away virtually no one. It is because of the City Mission that many even have a Christmas dinner or are able to provide toys for their children.

The non-perishable food items that you bring to The Tribune office at 2903 S. Fifth St. will help our less fortunate neighbors through the often bleak and cold months that follow Christmas.

The items that are most needed include canned green beans, canned pork and beans, canned corn, dried beans, canned meat (such as Spam or Treet), tuna, canned or dried soup, crackers, boxed macaroni and cheese, canned milk (evaporated milk), powdered milk, cereal and graham crackers.

Because The Tribune does not have storage facilities for perishable items, such as bread, meat, milk and dairy items, all items should be non-perishable and not out of date (check the package if you are unsure about a product’s remaining shelf life). If you do have perishable items you wish to donate, contact the City Mission directly at 532-5041 to arrange for pickup.

Also, if you would like to donate non-perishable items but have no way to bring them to the newspaper’s office, please call us at 532-1441 and we will gladly pick up the items from your home.

Most of us can afford to put just one or two additional items in our grocery carts as we do our weekly shopping. The next time you are at the grocery, add in a can of green beans or a box or two of macaroni and cheese for your less fortunate neighbors.

The cost of these items is small indeed when you consider the growing need across Lawrence County.

One of the most wonderful parts of living in Lawrence County is the willingness of people to help each other.

We urge you to help with this worthwhile project again this year.

Jennifer Allen is publisher of The Ironton Tribune.