Firehouse needs makeover

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 3, 2001

Ironton fire chief Tom Runyon isn’t only fighting fires.

Saturday, March 03, 2001

Ironton fire chief Tom Runyon isn’t only fighting fires. He’s busy looking for a new roof for an old building and surveying what kind of hit the fire fund is going to take from recent business closings.

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Runyon explained the closing of the hospital will greatly affect the fire funds. The hospital, he said, was a "major water consumer" in the city.

Runyon said he is still pushing for a new fire house, but there might be some modifications in the construction plans to get the cost of building the firehouse closer to the amount of money in the coffers to pay for it.

The Cincinnati architecture firm that designed the new firehouse has recommended Runyon look at "value engineering" as a means of reducing the cost.

Value engineering, Runyon explained, means looking at buying some of the supplies needed for construction from local companies and distributors that may sell the goods cheaper than the prices proposed by the architectural firm. Runyon said the firm recommends the fire department compare costs before any discussion is made about going to bid.

Until the city is in the position to start construction of the new firehouse, Runyon said repairs are needed for the existing structure – especially repairs to the leaky roof.

Runyon pointed out water stains that are on the drop-ceilings of the crew’s living quarters. Upstairs in the attic, water has stained the wood rafters and in some parts, the tarp the fire department placed on the roof is visible from inside.

At Thursday’s finance committee meeting, Runyon said three bids have been placed by local roofing companies to work on the building.

Tri-R roofing (formerly R&R Roofing) submitted a bid for $8,875.80, Freeman Roofing placed a bid for $7,350 and Glenco’s bid came in at $7,865. A decision on which roofing company the city will use will be made at a later date.