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Keystone Terminals wants to modify coal loading facility

Keystone Terminals of Ironton has applied with the U.

Thursday, July 05, 2001

Keystone Terminals of Ironton has applied with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to modify an existing coal loading facility in the city.

Project plans call for construction of an unloading dock and extra fleeting capacity in the same area as the facility under a 1984 permit, according to a Corps public notice issued June 28. Keystone Terminals, 101 Dayton Lane, Ironton, has the project at Ohio River milepoint 325.48, the notice stated.

At the proposed unloading dock, a crane would be installed on top of a back-filled bulkhead, according to the Corps notice. "Materials including coal, limestone, sand, gravel, lumber, salt and/or steel products would be unloaded via crane or clambshell, placed directly into trucks to be delivered or temporarily stored in the company’s upland storage area," the notice stated.

The maximum riverward extension of the facility would be 200 feet from the normal pool shoreline and extend 695 feet parallel.

The additional fleeting area would measure 400 feet by 175 feet, with a maximum of eight barges (four wide and two long) would be moored.

Keystone Terminals has also requested periodic maintenance dredging be allowed.

The National Register of Historic Places has been consulted, which determined no property affected by the project. But the project is located within the known range of at least three endangered species, the Corps stated.

The Corps of Engineers is asking for comments from the public; federal, state and local agencies and officials; and other interested parties to evaluate the impact of the project. Comments will be used in the Corps’ decision whether or not to grant the permit modification.

For questions about the public notice, contact Kimberly Courts-Brown at 304-529-5210. To register official comments, write to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District, ATTN: CELRH-F, 502 Eighth St., Huntington, W.Va., 25701-2070.