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‘Spirit Day’ at IHS shifts focus to patriotism

"Spirit Day" took on a whole new meaning Friday at Ironton High School.

Friday, September 14, 2001

"Spirit Day" took on a whole new meaning Friday at Ironton High School.

Generally the day students get "fired up" for the evening’s football game with posters, orange and black apparel, and a pep rally.

There are posters on the walls, there will be a pep rally, and orange and black are still the favorite colors. But today’s "Spirit Day" will take on a different theme, complete with red, white and blue colors.

At the request of Ironton superintendent Steven Kingery, Principal Dean Nance asked students if they were not going to wear orange and black Friday to wear to the colors of the American flat to commemorate Friday’s National Day of Mourning.

"Mr. Kingery sent an e-mail in light of being a National Day of Mourning and Pride Day, to encourage students to wear red, white, and blue," Nance said.

Students also placed red, white, and blue streamers on the light posts outside of the school and the marquee sign in front of the Sports Center on Thursday read "Our hearts are with those who are suffering USA." The sign was changed Friday morning to read "America…The Land of the Brave."

The activities will extend to Friday night’s game against Campbell County, Ky.

About 150 red, white, and blue balloons donated personally by Mayor Bob Cleary will be released after the playing of "Taps" prior to tonight’s ball game. After national anthem, the Central Christian Church Boy Scouts Troop 106, under the direction of scoutmaster Dave Lucas, will stand at attention and lead the entire stadium in a Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

Nance said the Ironton Million Dollar Marching Band "has been putting in extra time practicing so they can play ‘God Bless America’ at halftime."

The student council made white ribbons that students and members of the faculty have been wearing on their shirts.

The National Honor Society is organizing a blood drive as well as a "Change Fund" to send donated money to the families of the firemen.

"These are all student generated projects," Nance said. "I know some of our students are going Saturday to give blood. The Red Cross has extended its hours to Saturday."