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Goob’s bronze cat statue carries mysterious story

I has to tell ya ’bout this strange thing that happened to Ol’ Goob a couple of years ago when I wuz visitin’ Ann Arbor, Mich.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

I has to tell ya ’bout this strange thing that happened to Ol’ Goob a couple of years ago when I wuz visitin’ Ann Arbor, Mich., fer the Ohio State game.

I wuz walkin’ on a downtown street when I stopped at an antique shop and decided to go in. Lookin’ round I noticed a very strange looking bronze cat which had a tag on it saying, "Bronze Cat $30.00, Story $150.00."

I wuz curious, so I asked the salesman to explain.

"Well," said the man, "it’s just like it says. $30 for the cat and $150 for its story".

"I’ll just take the cat," I said.

"Very well, but you will be back," said the salesman.

Welp, I left the shop and put the cat in my pocket.

As I walked down the street I heard a strange mewin’ sound. On turning ’round, I noticed there were a couple of cats following me. The further I walked the more cats seemed to follow me. As I got to a bridge I turned and, to my amazement, I done saw thousands of cats behind me.

"Fergit this!" I said to myself and threw the bronze cat into the river. All the cats jumped into the river too and were drowned.

Welp, I returned to the shop where I bought the cat.

"I knew you would be back. $150.00 for the story," said the salesman.

"Fergit the story," I said. "Have ya gots a bronze Wolverines fan statue?"

Ennywho, last week I wuz 10-2 to bring muh overall record to 89-17 (.840 percentage). He’s week No. 9:

IRONTON at BELFRY: Don’t look fer the Fightin’ Tigers to "Caudill" up nice & cozy with the Pirates. Ironton 28, Belfry 21.

CHESAPEAKE at COAL GROVE: If ya can’t be first in the league, be second. But which one of ya is gonna be second? Chesapeake 14, Coal Grove 7.

ROCK HILL at FAIRLAND: Some strange things always happen in this here game. I kin hear Sinatra now, "Strange things in the night…" Fairland 18, Rock Hill 14.

EAST at SYMMES VALLEY: The actual name is Sciotoville Community East High School. No wonder they goes by East. Symmes Valley 28, East 8.

GREEN at OAK HILL: Goin’ to Oak Hill kin drive opponents nuts. That’s nuts as in acorns. Oak Hill 24, Green 7.

PORTS. WEST at WHEELERSBURG: The rivalry is back in this one. West kin win the SOC outright and Wheelersburg kin git a share of the title. The SOC wants to save some money and buy just one trophy. West 33, Wheelersburg 26.

OTHERS: Portsmouth over Minford, Ashland over Rowan County, Waverly over Northwest, Lucasville Valley over Ports. Notre Dame, Gallipolis over Logan, Mearan’s Clothing Store over Russell.