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OUSC awarded funding for career resource center

Ohio University Southern Campus has been awarded state funding for a career resource center.

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Ohio University Southern Campus has been awarded state funding for a career resource center.

The Skills Max Center at the university will provide human resources solutions to local businesses that could not otherwise afford this kind of intensive analysis, according to project coordinator Dennis Thornton.

The center will enable businesses to identify what skills are necessary for which specific positions within their organization, and what skill deficiencies their employees have that prevent them from being more productive. Once employees’ skills are assessed, the center will offer solutions for improvement, either through campus courses or online classes.

The center will also allow these businesses to better assess the skills of prospective employees before they are hired and find the best applicant for the available job.

"They won’t have to always come to the university to take advantage of what we offer," Thornton said. "Most of it will be available online. They can access information from their office."

Individuals can use the Skills Max Center to assess what skills they possess, and what skills they need in order to achieve their professional goals. Once they decide what skills they need, they can search for a class at the university or on the Internet to further their education.

The center will also offer IT certification for various computer-based positions.

"Right now, some local businesses can’t afford these kinds of services on their own," Thornton said. "They are simply cost-prohibitive. But the Skills Max Center will provide these services at a very low cost. It’s kind of a neat idea, if you think about it – being able to put all these things under one umbrella."

The school received $190,000 in equipment, software, training, licensing and monetary assistance. While the center will maintain some presence at the Ironton campus, most of it will eventually be moved to the new industrial training facility at South Point.

OUSC is the only school in the area to receive the monies for such a center. Only 10 schools statewide were awarded Skills Max funding.