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Pic N#039; Save offers parents Identification for children

The kids were a bit apprehensive.

Why, after all, did they have to get their thumbs so dirty? And would this come off or would their thumbs by inky forever?

The youngsters were fingerprinted and their photographs taken as part of Pic N' Save's Kids ID Fair.

Parents got to keep the information to use in case their child is ever lost or abducted.

"I really wanted to get them

fingerprinted because you never know, with all the crazy people out there these days," said Joyce Fish of Ironton, who brought her


Rosalie Bailey of Pine Grove agreed.

"This way, they could identify them in case something would happen," she said.

Pic N' Save manager Chuck Donohoo said the Kids ID Fair is only one part of Pic N' Save's

Kids Care Club activities. Teresa Moore/The Ironton Tribune