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Finding harmony through music

The power of music and Cameron Roach's trumpet broke down the language barrier between two cultures.

Ironton resident Roach, 12, got the opportunity to play with the Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School Symphony Youth Orchestra from Hong Kong after he attended a rehearsal Tuesday.

While Roach was watching them practice, conductor Bartholomew Law asked him if he played an instrument. He told Law that he played the trumpet. Three days of practice later, he performed with them at OUS in front of his hometown crowd Friday.

Cameron said he has played the

trumpet for two years. The fact that he had never performed at a concert didn't bother him.

"It was alright, I was not nervous," he said. Playing with them allowed him to learn more about their culture, he said.

He made a lot of friends and really enjoyed sampling their food. It is

nothing like the food in our Chinese restaurants, he said.

Law said he was happy to invite Roach to perform with them.

"Music without boundaries is important," Law said. "Every kid wanting to play, I welcome them."

Regardless of the races or nationality, this allows the kids to really have a cultural exchange, he said.

Cameron's parents, Paul and Cindy, were very proud and said that the visitors from Hong Kong have treated them like family.

"It is just a complete honor to have him perform with such an elite group

from another world," Paul Roach said.

Cameron was asked to play on Tuesday.

By Tuesday night he had it figured out, Cindy Roach said.

"It adds flavor to it because it is not just the norm. He can learn their

culture," she said. "He said, 'Mom, music in Hong Kong is the same as music here.' He is ready to go to Hong Kong." Michael Caldwell/The Ironton Tribune