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It#039;s school time once again

The wheels on the buses will go 'round and 'round in Lawrence County as early as the end of this week.

"New beginnings are always exciting," said Bill Dressel, principal of Ironton Middle School. "This time of year, kids are ready to be with their friends."

This year, the Ironton City Schools is enacting curriculum mapping which is designed to keep students in the same grade on the same track, said Kimbery Imes, principal of West Ironton Elementary School.

"We're doing this to increase proficency test scores," said Stephen Kingery, superintendent.

Students in the Rock Hill, Fairland, and Chesapeake districts, meanwhile, will be in new buildings.

"It's going to not only be difficult for freshmen, but for everyone," Carolyn Hall, a health and physical education teacher at Rock Hill High School, said. "But, we're looking forward to it."

Besides getting used to new buildings, teachers must also prepare students for proficiency testing, she added.

"It's very exciting to start a new year," said Steve Easterling, one of two principals at Dawson-Bryant High School. "We have a good group of new freshmen coming in."

Just last week, the South Point Board of Education appointed a new superintendent, Ken Cook, whose experience was complimented by board member John Sherman.

Sherman also complimented the experience of all the district's principals.

"When you have good leadership in big positions, everything else falls into place," he said. "When the principals are excited, so are the teachers and so are the students. I think it's going to be a banner year in South Point."

The start of a new school year can be bittersweet for some high school personnel, however.

"During the year, a lot of seniors stop by the office to talk about the future," said Easterling. "It's sad to see them go. The next year, the school bell will ring and they won't be here." Amelia Pridemore/The Ironton Tribune