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Briggs and the Humane Society join to help needy animals

Despite no longer having an animal shelter to call home, the Lawrence County Humane Society still cares for neglected animals and recently got assistance from the Briggs Lawrence County Public Library.

During the first week of August, all five Briggs Library branches waived overdue charges if patrons donated pet supplies. Chuck O'Leary, Ironton branch manager, and Susan Wetter, the adult services librarian, presented heaping boxes of food, toys and other supplies to Humane Society representatives Monday.

O'Leary said that Susan organized the charity drive and deserves all the credit.

"I was really happy with what we had," Wetter said. "I didn't know how the branches were doing. When all this stuff came in, I was really excited."

"We always do things to help people, but not animals," she said. "I think they get forgotten. The Humane Society has had a hard time since they had to close the shelter."

The Society's animal shelter closed in November due to a lack of funding but still have seven or eight families caring for more than a dozen dogs and cats, Robert Beasley, Humane Society president, said.

"This is really a big help because the money we save is money we can spend to spay and neuter," he said. "After we closed the shelter, people think the Humane Society no longer exists and that just isn't true."

Beasley said many people confuse them with the dog pound and do not realize they are a non-profit organization with no governmental ties.

"The main purpose of the Humane Society is to enforce Ohio's laws on animal cruelty," he said. "Most of what we do is educate people about pet care."

During the shelters two-year existence, they provided more than 800 animals with homes, Beasley said.

Although they no longer have a shelter, anyone wanting to make donations or contact the Humane Society about services can call 532-4300 or 533-9050.

Wetter said the library appreciates all the support and hope to continue the program again next August. Michael Caldwell/The Ironton Tribune