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Lawrence Drug Task Force sweeps county for marijuana plants, no arrests

It was green, illegal and growing all over Lawrence County. Now, it is no longer.

Members of theLawrence Drug Task Force fanned out across the area Wednesday and Thursday, confiscating 200-300 marijuana plants.

In some areas as many as 40 plants were found growing together.

Lawrence County Sheriff Tim Sexton said while there have not been any arrests made in connection with the pot sweep, there could be arrests made in the future.

The eradication is part of a continuing effort to curb the cultivation and sale of the illegal weed.

"The marijuana we eradicate is pot that we won't see on the streets or reaching our schools," Sexton said.

Along with the Sheriff's Office, the Wayne National Forest Division of Law Enforcement, The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations, and other agencies took part in the confiscation.

Sexton said there will be more pot sweeps in the near future. Teresa Moore/The Ironton Tribune