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Families open hearts to homeless dog and her puppies

It is common for Lawrence County residents to reach out a hand and help a neighbor in need. Two Ironton families are living proof of this.

The twist to their story of generosity is that the "neighbor" is a homeless dog who recently became the mother of nine puppies.

"Some people down the street moved out a few months ago and we think when they moved they just left the dog," Tammy Rowe, of Sixth Street, said. "Then a few weeks ago, my neighbor noticed she (the mother dog) was a lot skinnier, and we figured she had had a litter of pups."

The pups were born in a garage

behind Dean Ferguson's house. Ferguson and the Rowes are feeding mamma and the babies until they can find homes for them.

"We thought about taking them to the pound, but they told us the puppies would be euthanized after, I think it was five days. We just couldn't do it," Rowe said.

So instead, the Rowes and Fergusons are handling the matter themselves. Rowe and her husband, Bryan, have put an ad in the paper trying to find adoptive families. They are considering keeping the mother as a family pet.

"They're just so sweet --you can't help but love them," Rowe said, picking up one of the pups. "I'm sure some kid would love to have one."