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In quest for House, Evans#039; main concern is job creation

Dr. Clyde Evans, candidate for 87th District state representative, said his main concern is helping people create jobs.

"Politicians don't create jobs," he said. "They're created by creative business people. We need to set the climate to recruit these businesses to come to our area."

One way to get businesses to come to the area, Evans said, is to keep taxes and regulations at a minimum in order to compete with other areas.

"We need to develop a tax climate friendly toward business so we can compete on a national and an international basis," he said.

"We need to keep our back yards clean," he continued. "Businesses won't come if you have a dirty environment."

Also, education must be equalized, Evans said.

"The funding formula must be modified in order for poorer districts to get things done," he said.

During a forum at Ohio University Southern, Evans said he would work toward equalizing education in Southern Ohio.

Also, Evans stated that schools need to be equipped with more electronic and telecommunications equipment in order for students to compete with others in the state.

Senior citizens have "real problems," Evans said.

He stated that he wants to help senior citizens, and he believes the state buying prescription drugs by the bulk, then reselling them at a reduced cost will help them.

Evans said his current position at Rio Grande University has provided him with valuable experience that he can carry to the Statehouse.

"A university is structured like a political system," he said. "You work with a number of units.

"I also know how to work with community groups. I've served on chambers of commerce in Gallia and Jackson counties, and I'm more sensitive and in tune with economic development issues."

Evans also stated that because he is a member of Ohio's majority party, he is in a good position to work with state leaders.