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Corner Variety offers Christmas supplies and more

Small business owner Larry Williams said he believes his new Ironton store, Corner Variety, truly lives up to its name by offering something for everyone.

Located at Third and Mastin streets, the new business' current focus is

on Christmas supplies, but does offer other merchandise as well. The store's shelves are lined with tools, toys, dolls, ceramic figurines, nativity scenes,

decorations, almost any type of Santa Claus imaginable and much more.

"I have a lot Christmas stuff here," he said. "People should be able to find about whatever they are looking for."

After officially opening Monday, Williams said he has already had a few excited customers.

"The people who have come in are amazed at the prices and the variety," he said. "Several people have said they will come back on payday."

As an example of the potential savings, Williams has several pairs of Wilson batting gloves that were originally priced for $35. He has priced them for $3. All the prices are negotiable and he is willing to match competitors' prices, he said.

"I can save people a lot of money," he said. "If customers come in, the merchandise will sell itself with these prices."

The majority of the items are new, still in the box and some are unique.

He also has more than 400 collectible dolls, at least 200 of which are different from each other, he said.

One of his rarest items that he thinks may interest collectors is a 1960 Barbie telephone still in the original box.

"It works fine," he said. "I plugged it in and tried it."

Williams said he decided on the spur of the moment to open the store because he had a friend who had collected all this merchandise over the years and wanted to get rid of it.

He still has two U-Hauls full of items that he does not have room to display yet.

As the owner of Larry's Used Cars and Auto Parts, Coryville Road, and a former manager of an auction house, Williams believes his past experiences in small business have prepared him for this new venture.

He said he hopes it will be successful enough to continue year round and that his biggest challenge will be to let people know that the store is no longer a bait shop or any of the other unusual shops it has been over the years.