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Mission serves 448 on Thanksgiving

For one day, people who may never have met before, and may not see each again, were family.

They gathered around tables at the City Welfare Mission and celebrated thanksgiving together. Mission Director, the Rev. James Cremeans, said 448 meals were prepared yesterday.

"That's 25 20-pound turkeys, 100 loaves of bread to fix the dressing, 40 gallon of green beans, 100 pounds of cabbage for the cole slaw, and 86 pumpkin pies," Cremeans said. "And a whole big bunch of instant potatoes."

Before the meal, those gathered sang hymns, and Cremeans paused to reflect on what Thanksgiving is really all about.

"We have much to be thankful for," Cremeans said. "Regardless of our circumstances, we can still find something for which we can be thankful."

Cremeans said he was thankful that those within the community who had plenty, shared what they had with those who were in need. He noted that many different agencies, businesses and individuals donated the food for yesterday's dinner. And ultimately, the food came from The Lord.

"Everything we have comes through other people," Cremeans said. "We only give what others give to us. And it's God who touches their heart to give."