County finds money for new cruisers: one or two in works

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 2, 2003

Some budget juggling has produced enough money to pay for two, possibly three new cruisers for the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office. Commission President George Patterson said Thursday that another officeholder, whom he declined to name, had money in their budget that was not being used and had not been earmarked for a particular need.

"We're getting $48,000-$50,000," Patterson said. "It takes three months to get the cruisers so we've got time to play with. We're asking for more money to pay for all three (cruisers). We can pay for two with what we've got."

Sheriff Tim Sexton said he is pleased with the cooperation between offices that resulted in money that provided the cruisers.

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"We'll put them on the road, and we'll use them," Sexton said. "That will get us started."

Sexton said he is still hopeful that money can be found to pay for the five others cruisers he requested this year. The Sheriff would like to establish a rotating replacement plan in which cars are replaced on a set schedule, preferably every four years, which is usually when a cruiser has usually accumulated 100,000-120,000 miles.

Sexton visited the commission earlier this month and asked for them to consider approving a three-year loan to pay for eight cruisers, citing the ragged condition of his fleet.

The combined mileage of the 20 cars in his fleet exceeds 2,331,000 miles.

Eleven cars have more than 100,000 miles; two cars have 200,000 miles or more. Only two cruisers have less than 50,000 miles.