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Wolfson arraigned on probation violation

An Ironton woman who

pleaded guilty last year in connection with the death of her husband's client was arraigned Wednesday on a charge of violating the terms of her probation by using drugs and alcohol.

Mary Wolfson, wife of former Ironton attorney Richard Wolfson, pleaded not guilty to the probation violation charge before Lawrence County Common Pleas Judge Frank McCown.

Mary Wolfson was arrested July 8 in Ashland, Ky., for alcohol intoxication.

When she reported to the Bureau of Community Corrections July 16, authorities discovered needle track marks on her arms, and she tested positive for morphine.

According to records from the Lawrence County Prosecutor's Office, Mary Wolfson denied drug use at first, but then later admitted she used drugs alone and with other people.

Prosecutor's Office records show that she has also failed to make any payments since March on court costs in connection with her case.

Prosecutors seek to have Mary Wolfson's community controlled sanctions revoked.

Mary Wolfson was sentenced in August 2002 to three years community controlled sanctions under intensive supervised probation.

She was charged with obstruction of justice in connection with the death of Eric Deer of Ironton.

Deer, 24, died March 23, 2002, after receiving a fatal dose of Fentanyl, a synthetic morphine patch.

The younger Deer died in the Park Avenue law office/home of the Wolfsons.

Mary Wolfson was ordered to undergo six months in a community based corrections facility.

Her husband, Richard Wolfson, pleaded guilty earlier this month to violating the terms of his sentence in connection with the death of Deer.

Common Pleas Judge Richard Walton sentenced Richard Wolfson to three weeks in the Lawrence County Jail for various infractions of the rules at the STAR Community Justice Center.

Wolfson was serving six months at the STAR Community Justice Center and five years of community controlled sanctions under intensive supervision for tampering with evidence in connection with Deer's death.