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Dingus#039; biggest asset is his ability to build

Tribune editorial staff

Dr. Bill Dingus is a man of with many facets - educator, administrator, business owner, father and leader.

However, when we think of the most important characteristic he needs as he prepares to take the helm of the Greater Lawrence County Area Chamber of Commerce and the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation none of those adequately sums up the man.

Sure, he's an educator. And his accomplishments as an administrator at Ohio University Southern are well documented. And yes, he's been a business owner. Most people who know Dingus also know his strong ties to his family. And of course anyone who has successfully worked in administration for a number of years must have leadership skills.

All of that is true and all is important to describe Dingus.

But perhaps most important as he begins his work at the chamber and LEDC is his building skills.

And, fortunately for Ironton and Lawrence County, Dingus possesses tremendous building skills. While he may not be able to work magic with a hammer or with a trowel, Bill Dingus is a builder of people.

With a growing, diverse population, that's exactly what Lawrence County needs - a consensus builder.

One of the most important keys to our area's future will be its ability to overcome our differences and work for a common good. It is a difficult challenge, especially given the diversity of our county, but it is definitely possible.

We need to build upon what we have - an incredible workforce, a wonderful quality of life, excellent natural resources and, perhaps most important of all, one another.

With all of that going for us, nothing can stop us from building an incredible legacy for the future. And, we think Bill Dingus, is well suited to help lead the effort.