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Family style: Tradition key at horse farm

CHESAPEAKE - The Randolph family of South Point has a special connection with horses. Father Eldon Randolph, now 76, once rode on horseback to deliver the mail, and his son Dwight now manages Randolph Stables, a horse farm in Chesapeake that recently received a very helpful neighbor.

Dwight Randolph always liked horses, but a little over a decade ago he decided to take that appreciation to the next level. In 1994 he bought a couple of horses and studied at Ohio University to receive his degree in equine studies.

At the stables, which Eldon Randolph is owner and president of, Dwight Randolph, breeds and sells the steeds, at current count he has 57 different mares, stallions and foals.

As one takes in the Randolph's picturesque plot of land on County Road 31 in Chesapeake, it's clear that he's worked hard to provide the best home he can for the animals that he seems to have such a passion for.

"I just like raising them and being around them," Randolph said. "Each horse is differentŠI just don't know how to explain it. There's a lot more to taking care of horses than the normal person would think."

In recent years, the Randolphs partnered with a veterinarian from the Proctorville Animal Clinic and the Equine Medical Center was born. The center cares for horses and is adjacent to Randolph Stables, which is, according to Randolph, extremely convenient, not only for nearby medical aid for his horses, but as a way to drive in new business.

"You get a lot of people, and then they get to looking around, it really helps," Randolph said.

The stable is in the business of selling horses, but there are some that Randolph has a special connection to. When he's asked if he would ever sell them, he seems almost shocked at the notion.

"There's several horses that'll die here on the farm," Randolph said. "The first horse we ever owned, an old Appaloosa we call Hope is still alive, there's sentimental value, they're just like part of the family."

You can see Randolph's horses for yourself at the Randolph Stables at 764 County Road 31 in Chesapeake. More information is available by calling (740) 867-5779.

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