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Judy#039;s remains much-loved Deering eatery

DEERING - It's a habit that was born of necessity but continues with good humor and affection.

"My wife is out of town," Charles Runyon, of Deering, explained as he picked up his dinner Saturday evening at Judy's Giovanni's in Deering. "Every time I have to cook this is where I come. The pizza is great, the food is always great and John can't be beat."

The "John" he referred to is John Burns, who has owned the restaurant since 1995. The Ironton native moved to Deering when he bought the store and has found a good home among its people.

"I love it in Deering," Burns said. "The people are really friendly. Everyone knows everyone else and people here look out for each other. It's that kind of community. The people are good to each other."

Eight employees keep those pizzas hot and ready for people like Runyon, who said he has been a Judy's patron "for as long as it's been here." (That would be 22 years, to be precise.)

"Pizza is their specialty but all their food is good," Runyon said. "My wife likes their fish sandwich, but I like the steak sandwich. And the meatball sandwich. John feeds us at the (Perry Township) Fire Department when we have meetings that require food. If we have one of those meetings we come over here."