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Science fair keeps students learning at Fairland West

Proctorville - The Fairland West Elementary gym was filled with electricity - and just about any other scientific field you could imagine - on Friday.

More than 150 science projects were on display at the school's fifth grade science fair.

The students have been working on the projects since early January.

Science teacher Barbara Greathouse said the students worked hard on the entries and that she was "very impressed" with the projects.

After the students completed their projects, it was time for them to be judged.

On Friday morning, after judges had a chance to walk through the displays, the students filed into the gym and took a seat in front of their projects.

Although they walked in quietly, books in hand, the excitement was evident on their faces. As the judging began, students were proudly presenting their projects, explaining the work that they had done.

Judges interviewed the students and made their determinations by using a list of criteria.

The criteria included the student’s use of the scientific method, their research report, physical display, oral presentation and attendance at the Science Fair.

Cheyenne Bane chose to do her project on plant soil.

Banez said she decided on this topic because everyone in her family plants flowers, and she wanted to see if she could grow something, too.

Her colorful display showcased a few of those plants, complete with graphs showing her progress.

"(It) took a long time to do, especially making the graphs on the computer was hard," Bane said.

Alex Earl got his idea for his human battery from the film "The Matrix."

He wanted to determine if the human body conducts electricity, who produces more, boys or girls?

Alex tested 100 students and found that girls produce more electricity.

An awards ceremony was held during the open house on Friday evening for children and parents.

The winners of the Fairland West Elementary Science Fair-2005 include:

Kimberly Cheyenne Bane, James Alex Earl, Samuel Appleton, Elizabeth Dick, and Alexis Smith.

Honorable Mention winners include:

Seth Frazer, Evan Salyers, Hollie Spotts, Joshua

Goodman, Victoria Hutchison, Samantha Lamb, Anyssa Murphy, Taylor Phillips, Carmen Webb, Caitlin Long, Marissa Petrie, Katherine Borton, Michael Black, William Zhang, Preslie Scott Lewis, Eric Todd Riley, Ryan Paul Wooten, Haley Simpkins, Katie Elizabeth Fuller and Ian Timothy Beaty.