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Each of us must help Ironton find love

Ironton is single and looking for dates.It may a bit of a stretch, but the City of Ironton can be compared to a single bachelor on any number of popular reality shows.

The city is playing the field and looking for that special someone through lots of blind dates.

The problem is that the city doesn't make a great first impression so any potential "dates," in this case businesses looking to locate in Ironton, are turned off right from the start.

Imagine for a minute that you are a prospective suitor coming to meet your future sweetheart. As you enter the city on Park Avenue or Second Street, the first blemishes start to show. Trash lines the streets. Weeds grow unchecked.

As you get closer, it just gets worse and worse. The city is just flat dirty and does not make an inviting first impression. While some business and home owners do a good job of keeping their property clean, others do not.

It takes a community wide effort to change this problem. Ironton's return to greatness can start today but it will have to start with an attitude change.

The community can start by helping out with the annual Volunteer Day on April 30. For the past several years, Randy Lilly and other hard-working volunteers have selflessly donated their time to clean and spruce up downtown Ironton.

But the Volunteer Day is far more than just a one-day event. Lilly and several others work year round to maintain the areas. But they need your help. Give Randy a call at 532-0010 and help out on April 30 and beyond.

But more important, change you attitude and help make Ironton beautiful so that visitors will fall in love with the beauty we all see.

Clean up your property. Encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same.

If the community does not come together as one, then Ironton will become an old maid.

Let's help our city find some dates before it is too late.